My name is Victoria Garcia and I am from Manassas, VA. I attended Christopher Newport University where I majored in Spanish Language and Literature while also minoring in Leadership Studies and Writing. From the beginning of my freshman year, I was heavily involved in CCM. I served as a member of the leadership team for 3 years, led a number of bible studies, and deepened my relationship and love for Jesus within the community. Additionally, I was both an EWC attendee and leader throughout my college career. After college, I was accepted into the Disney College Program in Orlando, Florida where I worked till COVID-19 shut the world down. At Disney World, I was a cast member in Animal Kingdom working DINOSAUR the Ride.

After a long quarantine, I found myself in a place of a lot of self-doubt and fear. I was already a year out of college, and had no idea where God wanted me in terms of a career. I applied to over 30 different jobs and by October, only three had reached out to me, one of them being this position as a campus ministry intern. Instead of pursuing the true desire placed on my heart, I gave into my fear and accepted another offer with the FBI and took an admin job for the waiting period. Every step I took towards a security clearance was met with frustration and sadness. I volunteered with the Youth Group at my home parish throughout this time, often only looking forward to the moments I could spend serving students in my week. During this time, I felt a draw to St. Therese of Lisieux. Her little way, which she acted upon so decisively and continuously, frightened me. She was courageous in serving the Lord, and I suspected He called me to do the same. I knew my desire, it was a matter of taking that little step; saying yes to where God was leading me. In this, I withdrew my conditional offer, quit my admin job, and ran as fast as I could to Virginia Tech where I am ecstatic to be spending the next two years. 

At Newman, I will be serving students through working behind the scenes in the ministry. This includes admin work, helping to coordinate different events, maintaining the Newman House, and aiding the student leadership in their efforts to bring our community closer to Christ. Coming from a smaller campus ministry, I am looking forward to the vastness of Virginia Tech’s ministry and offering my talents to aid in the mission.