Sunday Supper

“Although I have my friends from classes and dorm life, Newman has been the greater community of support to me as a person because I am not afraid to show all aspects of myself here. We are united in faith which has brought us all together in a comforting and refreshing way. Newman has helped me to realize my gifts and has given me opportunities to share and cultivate them. It is my home away from home, but instead of five brothers and sisters, I have tons of loving, familiar faces to journey the rocky road of college with. It has challenged my beliefs and enlightened me with new perspectives on the benefit of service, the strength of community, and the purpose of faith.”


Sunday Suppers are for students, by students. Twice each month at 6PM on Sunday we gather at the Newman House to share in fun and fellowship, and enjoy the company of speakers from other students, staff members, local Catholic residents of Blacksburg, or even different religious orders and other speakers from all over Virginia and beyond. Invite all your friends!