Servant Leader Team


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Joseph Clement

Student Campus Minister

What is a great CCM memory? My freshman year, we weren't able to have ASB's, so instead we went and helped out a few local places. I did some work at Camp Tuk a Way. I loved the opportunity to do some simple work with my hands and further get to know some amazing people.

Favorite class? Intro to Astronomy. I never knew a whole lot about what's going on in the sky, but that class was awesome. My mind was blown at the scale of the universe and how big everything is. It really helped me appreciate the Glory of the Lord in that while we are so small, He came to us.

What do you love about being Catholic? Something I love about being Catholic is how everything has a purpose. I can recognize that even in the hardest days, there is a purpose to whatever is going on.

A song on your playlist? Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf. It's not my favorite song, but I've got some great memories from my childhood associated with it.

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Megan Flockhart

Assistant Student Campus Minister

Great CCM memory: Getting to go on Fall Retreat with a bunch of friends and getting to meet even more there.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love coming to the Newman house and just sitting around and/or praying in the chapel.

Free time in Blacksburg? I love getting to watch Blacksburg sunsets, especially at Southgate.

Favorite class? I have loved my Nutrition Across the Lifespan class. It was fascinating to learn our different needs at different points in our life and the class was taught by the most caring professor I've ever had!

What do you love about being Catholic? I love how there's always something new to be learned about the faith and how excited people get to share new things with you. I also love that we have a universal Church. You can go to Mass anywhere in the world and it will be the same which can be crazy to think about.


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Nick Eastman

Community Minister

Share a favorite memory from CCM: Spike Knights and all the casual volleyball playing

Best class at VT? Digital Systems... If you know, you know, and because you know, you definiety think I'm crazy.

What do you do in your free time? Woodworking

Something on your playlist? George Strait has recently been making the most appearances


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Meg Luciani

Communication Minister

What is a great CCM memory? Fall retreat! I went on my first college retreat in the fall of 2022 and had an amazing time growing closer to Christ and other students.

What do you like doing in your free time?Petting my cat, cooking yummy food, and eating Buffalo Wild Wings.

What do you love about being Catholic? My favorite thing about being Catholic is the Eucharist. Since I became Catholic in high school, I have maintained a strong devotion to Christ's presence in the Blessed Sacrament, and I find that I am most at peace when I spend time in Adoration with Him.

What is on your playlist right now? "Bam Bam" by Camila Cabello, "Nonsense" by Sabrina Carpenter, and "For Elise" by Saint Motel are my current go-to's!


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Claire McLaughlin

Formation Minister

Favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Honestly, I love to be out in the rain, especially when it's warm outside. Otherwise you'll find be by a window curled up with a good book and chai.

Favorite class? I have enjoyed one of my elective classes, Intro to Painting for Non Majors. I got to paint the landscape outside, bonded with classmates, and activated a different part of my brain from Business Technology.

What class have your loved at VT?

I really enjoyed Nutrition Across the Lifespan. Learning about how each stage of life requires different nutrients and how you can heal your body through food is really empowering.

What is on your playlist right now? Always a fan of some classic country like Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash but lately I've been going back to some U2 and Florence & the Machine.

Favorite thing to do in Blacksburg? I love going to Saturday morning Mass at the Newman House and then walking over to the Blacksburg farmers' market. A great way to start the weekend!


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Michael Albrigo

Music Minister

Favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Stay inside and play a long, complicated board game with my friends.

Favorite class? It's not about the class so much as it is the professor. Shout out to Jason Wilson.

What do you love about being Catholic? A lot of things! A big one is how we're called to rely on God completely. I can't do anything by myself, but through my weakness God can show His strength.

What do you like doing in your free time? I'm a big nerd, so I love reading fantasy novels and playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends..


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Eric Hasenbein

Liturgy Minister

What is a great CCM memory? Hard to just pick one, but Fall retreat is always a perfect experience with 150 fellow Catholic Hokies.

Favorite class? For an engineer I have actually liked English 1106 the best so far (lol). I got to write about Catholicism for my papers so it was a great creative break from all the math engineers have to do.

What do you love about being Catholic? Oh so hard to say in a sentence or two, but the universality of The Church, Mass, Confession, Adoration, all of Her sacraments and all of the gifts given to us from the Trinity. The beautiful tradition, scriptures, and the vast amount of prayers given to us from the Trinity and all of our saints who are our friends in Heaven.

What's on your playlist? Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.


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Vincent Parente

Service and Justice Minister

What is a great CCM memory? Cleaning up the kitchen with everyone after Sunday Supper, where we dried dishes, cleared food, and sang Taylor Swift at the top of our lungs while trying desperately to not break all the plates we were tossing around.

Favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Sit on the porch and listen. Something about the sound and feel of a rainy day hit different, especially in a thunderstorm.

What do you like doing in your free time? I enjoy reading old literature, playing piano or guitar, or just chilling with other Catholic Hokies in the Ubi Caritas room.

A song on your playlist? Fire of Time, by David Ramirez. Absolutely phenomenal song -- even the name is fire ;)


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Sofia Garcia

New Evangelization Minister

What class have your loved at VT? II have loved taking Advanced Welding Technologies. It was a very fun class where I learned every type of welding. I really enjoy hands-on engineering work so it was really cool being able to learn and practice those skills.

How do you spend your free time? Recently, I just started learning how to machine on a lathe and mill. I also really enjoy mountain biking, reading, hiking, and painting.

Favorite thing to do in Blacksburg? I really enjoy going to the mountain biking skills park. I have never been to a skills park with as many well-kept trails as this one. Going to the skills park is one of my favorite things to do to get some exercise and clear my head.

Something on your playlist? One of my absolute favorite songs is Sleep on the Floor by the Lumineers. I love going on trips and exploring and this song always inspires me to travel more.


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John Lebron

Outreach Minister

What is a great CCM memory? ASB 2022: My group spent a night in Tennessee on our way to Mound Bayou, Mississippi. We got to meet and get to know the owner of our AirBnB, a super amazing Christian named Crystal. She was an example of Faith to many of us, and she let us feed the lambs she had on the property. I ended up learning a few things about lambs, and through that I deepened my understanding of the "Good Shepherd" and "Sheep from goats" parts of the Gospel. Then my group went to a restaurant without realizing there was a talented band having a concert there because that's just an average day in Tennessee I guess??

What do you love about being Catholic? The beauty! Catholicism is an incredibly beautiful religion. Our liturgies, churches, music, prayers, and traditions (small t) are all so rich in meaning and history. We have these crazy stories of the saints living the life of Faith out in an inspiring way. Most especially, the Church's teachings paint this beautiful vision for the human person that just fits our human nature like a glove. The Holy Spirit not only guides His Church like a trail guide he sculps it like an artist.

WFavorite thing to do on a rainy day? It might be playing board games, I'm quite a board game enjoyer.

A song on your playlist? I'm a fan of indie pop/rock and folksy crunchy kinda music. An example for both might be "Witches" by Alice Phoebe Lou and "Snowshoes" by Caamp.