Sunday Suppers

Sunday Supper

Sunday Suppers bring students, staff and visitors together with the delicious aroma of food and friendly faces of the community. Preparations for the meal are made under the direction of a member of the student leadership team with different students signing up to help cook, set up, do grocery shopping, or clean up. Sunday suppers are a great way for students to strengthen existing friendships while building relationships with new community members. Students enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and fellowship opportunities Sunday Suppers provide, especially freshman or transfer students looking for an easy way to meet people and make new friends.
Sunday Supper was extra special on October 26th, when a freshman student and her family wanted to bring a taste of home (New Orleans) to the Newman! After having a great experience during welcome week and at Sunday Supper she and her parents decided that she would like to prepare a meal for the community to give back and support the Newman Community. Preparing a gumbo that could transport you down south with one bite, Eugenie Walk and her team of student and staff volunteers put on a fabulous evening thanks to her enthusiasm and the sponsorship from her parents.supper 01

In addition to the special meal we also had special guest speakers for the evening. The Oblate Sisters of Frances DeSales joined us to speak about vocations, their calls (as sisters who are actual sisters), and all calls students may hear in their lifetime. Speakers are becoming more and more frequent at our Sunday Suppers, brief bits of catechetical knowledge that students are seeking in an informal community gathering. The sisters held an afternoon of “snacks and chats” with some of our women in the Women’s Discernment group and then spent the evening with the entire community, enjoying the gumbo and sharing stories while also educating students on simple ways to discern