Spring Break NOP 2017

Newman Outreach Project: Spring 2017

The Newman Outreach Project is the Service Immersion Experience Program of the Newman Community at Virginia Tech. While there are many opportunities for service at Virginia Tech, NOP is different in its approach. Students learn how to accompany a community, growing in relationships with those they serve, and being open to any needs of the community. It is less about building a roof and more about building a relationship. This spring students gave up a week of vacation to work with communities in Washington DC, Alderson, WV, Mound Bayou, MS, Flint, MI, Louisa and Louisville, KY. Students worked with the poor, imprisoned, new immigrants, and many who simply needed to have their stories heard.

“Working with the crew at the Alderson Hospitality House and visiting with the families of the incarcerated has definitely been eye-opening, and we have all been incredibly thankful for it.” – Jordan Evans