NOP 2016: Community Links (Mexico)

NOP 2016: Community Links (Mexico)


The AWB Mexico group visited in Cholula, Mexico through a program called Community Links, which strives to educate us and the community about sustainability in multiple ways. In a town near the base of an active volcano, they worked on a super-adobe house sites shoveling, sifting, leveling, and molding dirt. Though the manual labor is intensive, the worksite proves that anyone can build a house using the resources found around them. Another large part of the trip is interacting with local families. This includes a two-night home-stay experience where we are welcomed into an impoverished community to play with the children, practice speaking in Spanish, learn how to prepare their food from scratch, and even play soccer with the entire family. It is an invaluable opportunity to appreciate simplicity, happiness and pure love. We also served at the school for the blind where the assistance of cleaning and organizing is just as important as learning to overcome blindness through awareness.


Mexico is such a blessing. To the communities of Cholula, Puebla, you have shown me how to truly love others and have impacted me in so many different ways that I couldn’t have imagined a week ago. Left without words, but all I have to say is thank you. ~ Kevin Chau


A week ago I couldn’t have imagined how much my heart would be changed. ~ John Redlinger


In Mexico, my heart heard a blind man read a poem of love in Spanish braille. “Yo no sabría decirte.”, I wouldn’t even know how to tell you. In it, I found the fragrance of the love we desire most, the love we cannot fully grasp or define. The vastness of the kind of love so deep that our human hearts cannot hold it all, but are a home for it nonetheless. ~ Caroline Snyder


To feed the poultry that produce eggs for the table and to make tortillas, Goretti and Mary (sisters at a homestay) spend hours each week stripping dried corn of its kernels by rubbing it against a rock. It was eye-opening to experience the daily lives of these families and to help them with their chores. ~ Syndney Mabery