NOP 2016: Jacsonville and Maison Fortune Orphanage, Hinche (Haiti)

NOP 2016: Jacsonville and Maison Fortune Orphanage, Hinche (Haiti)



Our week in Haiti was spent in three different locations: Hinche, Jacsonville, and Port-au-Prince. We stayed at Maison Fortune, an orphanage, in Hinche and it was incredible to see the Hokie community connect with the Maison Fortune childern.


From Hinche, we traveled on to Jacsonville, a small, rural village. In Jacsonville we did an assortment of tasks: painting, helping to dig a foundation for a new building, playing with the kids during recess, and learning Creole. There was a brotherhood, a sense of family unity as we watched each of the boys caring for and looking out for the others. They encouraged each other and displayed an unconditional love for each other that they also shared with us.


Although we only spent a little over a day with the children at Maison Fortune Orphanage in Hinche before heading out to Jacsonville for the week, we had a very strong connection to the boys there. In the short time we spent at the orphanage we could feel a strong sense of family and quickly formed relationships with the children. We were warmly welcomed and enjoyed time playing soccer and basketball as well as just being with the children and sharing stories with them.


“I saw God in that courtyard, in the unconditional love that was shared.” ~ Joe LaClair