Our Mission

Our mission is to support, challenge, and inspire Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff to grow in faith, and live out their calling to be true disciples of Christ on campus and in their daily lives. Founded on Christ’s teachings and the Eucharist we prepare Catholic leaders for service to the Church and world through the pillars of faith, community, and service.

Students seeking to grow in communion with Jesus Christ are supported by the Catholic Campus Ministry at Virginia Tech. For the future of our children, Church, and nation, we seek to preserve the sacred, Catholic Tradition. We are committed to transforming lives within the Virginia Tech community through the love of Christ and the fire of the Holy Spirit. The Catholic ministry offers a physical space, a community, and programming to serve and enrich Virginia Tech Hokies’ faith journey. We provide a source of instruction, discipleship, and spiritual nourishment through reflection on scripture. Our religious services, formation groups, retreats, and a variety of social and service opportunities have helped Hokies grow in faith and find friendships among believers. In order for the mission to survive, thrive, and grow, we rely on donations from members, parents, alumni, benefactors, and students. Your generous donations and gifts provide the key to our continued success.

There are 31,000 students at Virginia Tech. An estimated 8,000 of those students are Catholic. Currently the Catholic Campus Ministry reaches nearly 1,000 students each year. Our ministry is growing rapidly. To best serve our students and carry out our mission, we need your help. Together we can ensure that our next generation of Catholics are grounded in faith, morals, and values.

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