Virginia Tech Catholic Campus Ministry

Inspiring Disciples, Preparing Faithful Leaders.

Our Mission is to support, challenge and inspire students, faculty and staff to grow in faith and
live out their call to be true disciples of Christ on campus and in their daily lives. Founded on
Christ’s teachings and the Eucharist we prepare Catholic leaders for service to the Church and
world through the pillars of faith, community, and service.


Belief and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ lived out through daily Mass and the Sacraments, Prayer and Adoration, Christian Life Communities and Retreats. War Memorial Chapel is filled with vibrant
young people each Sunday with students serving at the liturgies as coordinators, lectors, musicians, ushers, greeters, and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Adoration is offered weekly and Mass is available daily at the Newman Chapel to provide opportunities forCatholic Hokies to dwell closer to the heart of Christ.


The act of helping or giving aid to others in need is a value that trends beyond justice and towards charity, which is experienced in Newman Outreach Projects, The Big Event, Relay for Life and local service trips. By practicing Catholic Social Teaching and living in solidarity with others, students at Virginia Tech become strong leaders and grow in faith as a community and as a Church.

A group of individuals with a common interest, our faith in Jesus Christ. Growing in faith through relationships, the Newman Community is unified with our brothers and sisters as One Body in Christ gathering to share in the Mass, Sunday Suppers, Intramural Sports, Music Ministry, Knights of Columbus & Daughters of Isabella, Catholic Korean Student Association and Alumni Events. The Newman Community Catholic Campus Ministry is filled with passionate students, staff and community members sharing in a vast selection of ministries as we grow in faith.

United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Directive for Campus Ministry

“Campus ministry is one of the important ways the Church exercises her mission in higher education. Its goals include promoting theological study and reflection on the religious nature of human beings “so that intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth can proceed together; sustaining a Christian community on campus, with the pastoral care and liturgical worship it requires; integration of its apostolic ministry with other ministries of the local community and the diocese; and helping the Christian community on campus to serve its members and others, including the many non-students who gravitate toward the university.”Campus ministry gathers the Catholics on campus for prayer, worship, and learning in order that they might bring the light of the Gospel to illumine the concerns and hopes of the academic community. All the members of the Church on campus are called, according to their own gifts, to share in this ministry, guided by the professional campus ministers.”

–Empowered by the Spirit (USCCB 1985)