Local Service


Service, one of the three pillars of Newman at Virginia Tech, has become a way for Newman to share its talents, time, and faith with the surrounding community. Service efforts at Newman are aimed at giving back and providing for the needs of several different communities including the local community of Blacksburg, the community of the New River Valley as well as the community of the United States and abroad. Currently, there are several opportunities available to get involved and help meet the needs of all of our communities.

“Local service to me is about fulfilling our Lord’s command, ‘love your neighbor as yourself’. By doing service I am able to serve Christ by serving our brothers and sisters in Christ. When serving those locally I am able to help those near me and bring Christ’s love to them. Additionally I know that I always grow in my relationship with Christ whenever I help those in need.”

Local Service 

Local service will be updated on this page periodically.  Please contact Dominic Berry (dberry101010@vt.edu) or check out the Facebook page for more information!

Newman Outreach Project

Each year we send many students across the United States (and even outside of the States) to do service during school breaks (spring break and winter break).  These trips are an awesome way to do service and grow in solidarity with those you are serving!  Learn more here.