Leadership Retreat and Welcome Week 2017

As the summer comes to a close, close to 50 Hokies involved in a variety of aspects of leadership, gathered for a weekend retreat to prepare for the upcoming semester. The students got a chance to catch up with each other, sharing adventures from the summer as well as experiences of internships and travel. Fr. David also shared about his own adventure hiking the Camino in Spain.

Students spent the next few days focusing on prayer and formation, in preparation for the new semester. Staff gave many reflections on the call of Pope Francis to “Missionary Discipleship” and how to invite students, both new and old, into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus.

We also had time for good fellowship! We hiked, played games, and took some time to watch the eclipse thanks to one of the students who brought glasses for everyone. It was a wonderful time away to prepare for the semester and we are all grateful to those who’s generous support allows us to take so many students on retreat.


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