Welcome to the Catholic Campus Ministry 2019 Scavenger Hunt. You can begin the Hunt at any time after 7 pm, but must complete it before 9 pm. You must stay together as a team for all of the Hunt.

Everyone who completes the Hunt by 9 pm will win a prize, but the top three teams, in terms of score, will receive additional prizes.


No breaking any laws (moral or otherwise)

It is more important that you meet others, enjoy yourselves, and have fun, than winning.

Please invite others to join you as you are completing the activities. (+3 points for everyone you get to join)

Don’t mislead other teams (but you are not required to help them).

Ok, you are ready to begin. First, come up with a team name and take a selfie of your team. Text the picture along with your team name to the phone number assigned to your team.

You will get a text back with three locations or tasks. They will give you a location to take a picture of your team at or a thing for your team to do. Text each pic to get points. You can do any or all of the locations/tasks. When you want more tasks/locations, just ask. BUT, once you ask for new tasks/locations, you cannot go back to items/locations you skipped over. Good luck!

Team 1: 908-328-5673

Team 2: 703-541-8088 

Team 3: 540-553-1393

Team 4: 571-488-7487

Team 5: 908-328-5673

Team 6: 703-541-8088

Team 7: 540-553-1393

Team 8: 571-488-7487

Team 9: 908-328-5673

Team 10: 703-541-8088

Team 11: 540-553-1393

Team 12: 571-488-7487

Team 13: 908-328-5673

Team 14: 703-541-8088

Team 15: 540-553-1393

Team 16: 571-488-7487