The Monsignor Chester Michael Professorship in Catholic Studies

The Department of Religion and Culture

The College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Virginia Tech

Steve and Carol Ham have established the Catholic Professorship through an estate gift but the Professorship will not be effective until the estate funding is paid out. With the additional funding from Catholic alumni, professors and friends this can begin long before the estate funding is provided. The Virginia Tech Foundation is currently accepting current and future donations, for additional information on how to designate your gift for this purpose contact Jill Ashton, (540) 231-8734. Jill is the Director of Development in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences and can assist you in making the designation of your Virginia Tech donation.

The Ham family is please to be involved with the establishment of The Professorship in Catholic Studies at Virginia Tech named in honor of Reverend Monsignor Chester Michael. The Professorship is being funded with an estate gift that will assure adequate funding for this purpose, however it will not be effective until current funding exists. Steve and Carol hope that as many Catholic Hokies, friends, students and benefactors of Monsignor Michael learn about this opportunity that, like “one little rain drop”, funds will flow to convert this vision into a current reality.

If you would like additional information on the details of the Catholic Professorship established by Steve and Carol Ham, contact Steve Ham at or Amy Rusnak at the Newman Community at