Welcome to Newman’s Blog!

Welcome to Newman’s Student Blog! Come back every week, Wednesday mornings, to see great articles, written for students by students, about everything from our regular “Saint of the Month” postings to great catechetical articles that can help us to learn more about our faith and explain it to others. This week, I thought it would be best to introduce everyone to our new Servant Leader team.

Derek Bruce, Student Campus Minister

Junior, Accounting and Information Systems

Email: derbruce@vt.edu

Derek was born and raised in the relatively small town of Stuarts Draft, Virginia. He has two brothers, one who is in his 3rd year of Seminary and another who is a sophomore in high school. In high school, he participated in many forestry competitions, where he literally hugged trees to measure their diameter and tasted their inner bark to determine their species.



Katie Kowalski, Assistant Student Campus Minister

Sophomore, Dual Degree in Professional & Technical Writing and Literature & Language

Email: kkatie97@vt.edu

Katie is from Centreville, VA, just outside of DC. She’s an RA in Payne Hall and really hopes to meet tons of new people as ASCM. She spends her free time reading, hanging out with friends, dancing (salsa, swing, and square dancing are all super fun), and just hoping her residents don’t burn down the building.




Walker kids May 2016Joe Walker, Outreach Minister

Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Email: jdub36@vt.edu

Joe loves adventure and being outdoors, and believes that while thinking is fun, doing is more fulfilling. He loves rock climbing, so if you ever need a partner, let him know! His favorite Bible verse is Psalm 80:3 (“Why have you broken down its walls, so that all who pass along the way pluck its fruit?”)




andi moskal Andi Moskal, Community Minister

Freshman, Psychology

Email: hospitality@vtcatholic.com

Andi is from Smithfield, VA, aka land of delicious ham and bacon. The only things that rival her love of bacon is her love of cooking, books, and hammocking. If there is adventure to be had, Andi is always up for it.





chris royChris Roy, Christian Formation Minister

Junior, Computational Modeling and Data Analytics

Email: croy213@vt.edu

Chris is, in a word, loud, which he’s really become through working at several restaraunts, including now as a Student Manager at DX. When he’s pretending not to have homework, you can find him playing board games and watching movies (or arguing loudly about them). He values deep, personal conversation, so if you ever need an ear, just let him know and he’ll make time for you!



Goeringer_KatieKatie Goeringer, Music Minister

Sophomore, Math

Email: music@vtcatholic.com

Katie describes music as a pillar of her life; she and all four of her sisters all sing and play at least one instrument. She loves Christmas with her family, mostly because they sing Christmas carols for hours on end : )




joe laclairJoseph LaClair, Liturgy Minister

Junior, Wildlife Conservation

Email: liturgy@vtcatholic.com

Joseph loves being outdoors and is always up for a hike to any of the surrounding mountains.  When the weather is not great for such activities, he can be found at the Newman House, hanging out trying to find ways not to do homework, playing board games or simply relaxing in the company of friends.  He leads a freshmen small group, is part of the Knights of Columbus, and playing volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, and soccer. He is not much of a talker but is a great listener and is always willing to sit down and let you talk his ears off.



Patrick Mumm, Service and Justice Minister

Junior, Animal and Poultry Science

Email: service@vtcatholic.com

Patrick is from Virginia Beach and has a rich history of service projects through Boy Scouts, the International Baccaureate Program, Virginia Tech’s Honors College, and more. While not studying or serving, he can be found hanging out with friends, watching and playing various sports, and (obviously) working with animals




jimmy singer

Jimmy Singer, Communications Minister

Senior, Visual Communication Design

Email: communications@vtcatholic.com

Jimmy is a graphic design student who is really excited to broaden Newman’s social media presence to help outreach to as many students as possible. In his free time–well, the 2 hours a week he’s not in the studio–you might find him cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles and designing the next Newman T-Shirt.




Chris Roy is a Junior studying CMDA, a Student Manager at DX, and Newman’s 2017 Christian Formation Minister. And if he’s procrastinating, he’ll be playing board games or watching movies : )