Bible Study Resources

  • Virtual Bible studies are different but still fruitful! In this time when our spiritual practices have been altered and social interactions reduced, we are all in need of growing in Divine intimacy alongside friends. 
  • There are several free options for hosting a Bible study virtually, such as Google Hangouts and Zoom. Zoom has proven to work pretty well! Pro tip: “Gallery View” allows you to see everyone at the same time. 
  • Technology may make your Bible study awkward.  
  • Two or more people praying at the same time does not sound good. You can avoid this by having one person pray out loud and everyone else in the silence of their hearts. 
  • There might be even more awkward silences than before. A screen makes it harder to stare at people until they speak. It helps if you call on someone to ask if they have thoughts. Popcorn/bumping works well with something like sharing highs, lows, and God moments of the week. 
  • Do not feel the need to jump right back in where you left off. You and the members of your Bible study have probably been on an emotional rollercoaster for the past couple weeks. It would be best to start off your first session by simply asking how everyone is doing. This is a time to mostly just care for each other. You could also pray with a Scripture passage fitting for this time, such as Matthew 7:24-27 (is your house built on rock to withstand this storm?) or the Passion Narratives. 
  • Entrust your virtual Bible study to the Lord. Jesus knows that this will not look the same, but He is not worried! He is just waiting to pour out new graces on you and your small group. Jesus, we trust in You!