Campus Ministry Staff, FOCUS Missionaries, and Servant Leader Team

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Fr. David Sharland, Y.A.


Hometown: Born in Warrenton, VA, I spent my first 6 years in Arlington, VA and then the rest of my childhood in Alexandria, VA. I attended TC Williams HS (Remember the Titans).

Why are you working in campus ministry? The Good Lord called me out of my dark journey to money, and called me to serve young people, who have been on my heart since the time of my own youth. I have found a real connection in campus ministry.

What do you do in your free time? At this point in my life, I enjoy time together for a meal with great food and drink, and wonderful conversation.

Dream job when you were six? When I was six, I was probably heading to the White House. My perfect plan was to become a lawyer, then a US Senator, and then President of the United States.

Something on your playlist? I Will Never Not Love You, by Michael Buble

Favorite saint? I love Therese of Liseux, our Blessed Mother, as well as my communities patrons of St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. John Bosco, among many others.

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Michael Hynes

FOCUS Team Leader

Hometown: I grew up on a farm in Nebraska.

Why did you join FOCUS? I want all to experience the saving work of Jesus and have a chance to respond.

What is the best thing about working with college students? Walking with students through the highs and the lows and sharing the gospel and life with them!

Last song you listened to? Come Tear Down the Walls.

Favorite saint? I love St. John Paul II

How do you like to pray? In adoration with our Lord and allowing Him to speak to me through Scripture.

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Shelby Platner

Student Campus Minister

Share a favorite memory from CCM: My alternative spring break (ASB) trip freshman year to Mound Bayou, Mississippi. It was my first experience of authentic Catholic community and the most transformative week of my life.

Favorite class at VT? Materials engineering labs. It’s great to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom through hands-on experience.

What do you do in your free time? Admire the beauty of the mountains and our campus, especially in the fall! I also love spending some time with the Lord in the chapel or chatting with friends.

What do you love about being Catholic? The universality of the Church and the gift of daily Mass. I know that in any city, any day of the year, I can physically receive Jesus in the Eucharist. How awesome is that?!

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