April 16th Memorial Amphitheater Dedication Ceremony

April 16th Memorial Amphitheater
Dedication Ceremony

To remember and honor the events and experiences of April 16th, 2007, students from Newman have designed & constructed an Amphitheater and Memorial in the back yard of the Newman House to mark the 5th anniversary.

Out of the darkness of violence and evil, we as a University and Catholic Community chose to come together and build a community filled with hope and light. This Amphitheater will be a tangible symbol of this community and this spirit.

This place will serve to remember the victims as well as become a permanent gathering place for our community.

Please join us as we dedicate this space:
 Monday, April 16th, 2012 at 5:30 pm
for Dedication, and Reception

We will proceed to the candle-light vigil on the Drillfield following these events.